Prometris is a dynamic and flexible team of more than 20 highly experienced statisticians, programmers and data managers.


Steffen KoenigSteffen König
Managing Director

Steffen has expertise in Medical Writing, Monitoring, Project Management, Pharmacovigilance and Data Management. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the quality management system and a database-driven Quality Risk Management System.

Steffen is president of the German Quality Management Association e. V. (GQMA) and a member of the DGPharMed.

Johan vanderDoesJohan van der Does
Managing Director 

Johan graduated in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the University of Essen and is experienced in Monitoring, Project Management, Proposal Management and Business Administration.

Reinhard vanderDoesDr. Reinhard van der Does
Managing Director

Reinhard has wide-ranging experience in planning and reporting on studies for various indications and Medical Writing, including several expert reports and reports to deficiency letters. His main therapeutic areas of expertise are Cardiac Failure, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Renal Diseases and Anemia, Bone Metabolism Disorders and Hepatitis.

Reinhard is member of the German Society of Cardiology and DGPharMed.



Diethelm MessingerDiethelm Messinger
Head of Statistics

Diethelm has wide-ranging experience in statistical planning, analysis and reporting on studies of various indications and preparing summaries of safety and efficacy for NDAs. He is co-author of expert reports and reports to deficiency letters and is a participant at CPMP hearings and other meetings with regulatory agencies. He is experienced in leading interdisciplinary teams. His main therapeutic areas of expertise are Hematology, Virology, Oncology and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Diethelm is a member of the International Biometric Society.

Renate WolfRenate Wolf
Head of Data Management

Renate worked at the Institute of Applied Research, University of Heidelberg, for 5 years until 1999, followed by 9 years with a major pharmaceutical company. She has wide-ranging experience in development and maintenance of eCRFs, databases and standard programs for pharmaceutical (phase II-IV) and diagnostic studies within a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Renate is a member of the German Association of Medical Documentation Specialists (DVMD).